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We write to thank you for your most prompt and impressive response to our telephone call this morning.   The gentleman who attended our bungalow was fast, thorough and extremely helpful in helping us repair and providing the way forward with our conservatory, as it is now 15 years old.


Mr & Mrs Palmer, Calne.

"Excellent people, no bulls but straight people to trust in doing their jobs properly. Highly recommended.
By the way, I do not get any fee in recommanding them, just a free cup of coffee that's all!"


The Chin Family, Malmesbury

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LF Windows Maintenance

Windows and Doors Maintenance

Its worth while setting a date in your diary for a 6 months walk round your windows, doors and roofline products to assess them, if you feel something is not as it should be then follow the maintainance care guide we have uploaded on our website. If you feel you need to call us then we are there to help you every step of the way and if we cant, we are happy for our engineer to help you on site. Nothing is a problem to us.

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All moving parts including locks, hinges, stays and shootbolts should be regularly maintained to keep them operating smoothly. A build up of everyday grunge and grime can effect free and easy movement of these essential parts: it is therefore recommended that you maintain these moving parts every six months.

Method: spray a silicone lubricant or WD40 directly on to the moving parts as this will keep them free flowing. Anything more stubborn call 01249 655077 to ask us for advise.

For a more comprehensive brochure on caring for your new windows and doors please Click Here to download


If you would like to discuss any of our products or services, please call 01249 655077 fill out our enquiry form

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Our products have a comprehensive 10 Year guarantee, which includes the hardware (handles, hinges, locks)

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