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New Wave Doors Wiltshire and Bristol | The New Concept

Bring the Outdoors Indoors with Our New Wave Sliding Doors

We are proud to be one of the very few PVC-U window and door manufacturers that are currently offering you the latest

New Wave Sliding Doors door systems here in the UK.

The Slide & Swing is a next generation multi-pane patio door that operates in a uniquely different way.
The secret is in the name. Each frame locates and slides independently so the door can be opened at any point.
Then, one at a time the frames swing to stack neatly outside, at the side.

The opening can be configured to suit, and it takes up no internal room space.
Users appreciate its versatility. For example, a number of individual frames can be separated to provide gaps for ventilation.
Top-to-bottom concealed locking of each frame to the next makes it much more secure than a bi-fold.
And with built-in symmetry and minimal visible hardware – much less than bi-folds – it looks fantastic.


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Our products have a comprehensive 10 Year guarantee, which includes the hardware (handles, hinges, locks)

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