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T-shape conservatory

The T-shape conservatory style works best on larger properties. The T-shape is a combination conservatory style featuring a central projection. It can be Victorian, Gable or Georgian in style.

The T-shape conservatory is a very versatile style, allowing you to create two distinct living spaces within the one room. With T-shape conservatories, the central part projects into the garden, which exaggerates the sense of bringing the garden into the home. The central projection on a T-shape conservatory style can also create a ‘porch effect’. This can highlight your elegant French doors.

The T-shape conservatory is not only one of the most beautiful styles available, but also works well in just about any home. Your T-shape conservatory usually comes in Edwardian or Victorian styles, with the top part of the T adjoining the house and the other section extending into the garden. The T-shape conservatory tends to be a large style and is a good way of making a traditional Edwardian or Victorian style bigger, perhaps for a larger family.

The T-shape conservatory is better suited to larger properties – especially those with big gardens, as the part of the conservatory that extends away from the house tends to eat into the garden.

How will you use your T-shape conservatory?

With two sections to this style, many people choose to use the large section as a dining room or to add extra space to their lounge, if this is at the back of the house. The smaller section tends to be used as a garden room. If you have children, it could also be used as a play area.

This smaller area of the T-shape can be three-facet, five-facet or just straight-sided. On a large property, this conservatory section can look spectacular with steps leading down to the garden. At Ultraframe, we always go to great lengths to ensure that your T-shape conservatory matches the style of your house, whether it be period, modern or even a bungalow.

However you use your T-shape conservatory, you'll find its style gives you lots of space and versatility, as well as a beautiful shape that will enhance any property.

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I was delighted to see a picture of my conservatory on LF Replacement Windows website.  I think the picture speaks for itself of their professionalism and expertise.  The conservatory was designed by Kevin to blend in beautifully with my home.  As a more mature person it is always a worry as to whom you are having working in your home, but from the very first day I knew I had made the right decision in choosing LF.  I was so impressed with their work ethic and genuine helpfulness.  My conservatory has been greatly admired and I know friends have now also used LF and been equally impressed. 

Many months later I had one small leak which LF responded to and resolved the next day – that is the standard of care so often missing these days.

Would I recommend LF?  Yes, I most certainly would.

And, just in case you are wondering – my conservatory has the three white chairs stacked on the left!! Gorgeous isn’t it…………..


Mrs Foley, Swindon

August 2011

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