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The Lantern Conservatory

The Lantern conservatory style is the ‘original’ style dating back to the days when they were known as Orangeries.

Lantern conservatory style

The Lantern conservatory style was the original conservatory style when they were known as orangeries. For those with the right budget, a lantern conservatory style makes a fantastic statement of grandeur and elegance.

Lantern conservatories feature a two-tier conservatory roof on different levels, creating a 'wedding-cake' effect. The two levels are separated by a row of windows that is highly stylish and makes this style ideal for period properties of Victorian and Edwardian vintage, where relatively plain conservatories might not match the grandeur of the existing building.

The lantern conservatory is a style that is often chosen to house swimming pools, orangeries or for larger conservatories. Whether your lantern conservatory comes in brick and stone or classic glass style, it never fails to conjure up the glories of opulent living from an altogether different age.

With lantern conservatories, the overall impression is of height, light and grandeur. A lantern conservatory is spacious and offers an uninterrupted view of the sky. With a two-tiered roofing structure, you get to use more windows, which means that more ventilation is available. This feature of lantern conservatories is especially useful where the conservatory faces south or where condensation might pose a problem. For specific advice on this, please talk to one of the experts at L F Windows.

The lantern conservatory style dates back to the 19th century when the Victorian gentry enjoyed the height and atrium effect. That's why you can see Victorian lantern conservatories at many stately homes and even at Kew Gardens.

While the two-tiered design of lantern conservatories is undeniably spectacular and the second tier of windows adds ventilation, their sheer height means they will likely need to be electrically operated, which of course simply adds to the sense of style and sophistication.

When you order your lantern conservatory, you might also consider adding coloured or stained glass in the vertical panels. This enhances the Victorian or Edwardian period effect.

A popular lantern conservatory style option is extra brickwork – perhaps a three-quarter or full-height wall on one side to tie the conservatory in even more with the property. Whatever you choose, lantern conservatories are a grand and majestic option for larger houses and never fail to impress your friends.

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I was delighted to see a picture of my conservatory on LF Replacement Windows website.  I think the picture speaks for itself of their professionalism and expertise.  The conservatory was designed by Kevin to blend in beautifully with my home.  As a more mature person it is always a worry as to whom you are having working in your home, but from the very first day I knew I had made the right decision in choosing LF.  I was so impressed with their work ethic and genuine helpfulness.  My conservatory has been greatly admired and I know friends have now also used LF and been equally impressed. 

Many months later I had one small leak which LF responded to and resolved the next day – that is the standard of care so often missing these days.

Would I recommend LF?  Yes, I most certainly would.

And, just in case you are wondering – my conservatory has the three white chairs stacked on the left!! Gorgeous isn’t it…………..

 Mrs Foley, Swindon

August 2011


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