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 Pilkington Cervoglass is available in a Blue or Neutral Tint with self cleaning properties making.


Georgian conservatory style, similar to the Edwardian style of conservatory, is characterised by lightness and airiness, with more subdued lines than the ornate Victorian style.

The Georgian conservatory style features a flat front and a square or rectangular symmetrical shape. This makes the Georgian conservatory a really handy shape for laying out furniture and plants, with no wasted space. The Georgian conservatory typically has a high, sloping roof style that gives a spectacular vaulted effect. Your conservatory floods with light, making it a bright, airy and uplifting room.

Georgian conservatories were originally built on period homes from the 18th and early 19th centuries, and the style has been replicated on many neo-Georgian homes ever since. Own one and you've every right to feel posh, because the Georgian conservatory was originally the preserve only of those with style and the very rich who lived in stately homes. The Georgian conservatory was highly exclusive, coming as they did before the boom Victorian time for conservatories.

So what was Georgian architecture like? The Georgian period, which covered 1714 to 1830, was highly symmetrical and proportionate and had its roots in the highly fashionable work of Andrea Palladio, a sixteenth-century Venetian architect. We can trace the symmetry and boldness of today's Georgian conservatory back to this Palladian style.

Georgian conservatory style also pulls features from Greek and Roman architecture, as the Georgian period threw up many Greek and Roman ruins, the style of which the architects of the time were quick to copy.

The Georgian conservatory style has grown in popularity recently. Obviously, you can add your Georgian conservatory onto any style of building, but the very grand style works best with existing Georgian architecture, typified by red-brick houses with white woodwork and white-stone cornices.

In the days of the King Georges, the original Georgian conservatory style featured very few windows, as glass was costly and let the cold in. This is the major difference with today's Georgian conservatory.

With lots of light and airy glass, today's Georgian conservatory has echoes of its ancestors only in its architecture, such as window frames and style of brick used in the base. If you need planning permission, these are authentic features that you'll appreciate.

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Fascia Boards

Soffits and Fascias

When you invest in PVCu roofline solutions with L F Replacement Windows , you will ensure that your home is fully protected for the long-term, as well as enhance its appearance and value. If un-protected, your roof rafters and joists will need continuous repairing in order to counteract the effects of weather exposure. This can be very costly and time consuming.

L F Replacement Windows rigid fascias will help protect the ends of roof rafters, whilst soffits will help keep your roof’s overhang in perfect condition. All of our roofline products come with a provision of ventilation and a eaves protector to help direct the water into the gutter. In addition our team will install a bird comb as requested which will keep birds from nesting in your rafters.

Our wide range of soffits and fascias come in a variety of colours, finishes and moulding designs to suit all needs and will be precisely cut to fit your individual property. Through our years of experience we are also able to provide you with bespoke solutions for your own property to transform the ordinary into something special. Ask a member of our team to show you examples of our fantastic bespoke work.
If in the process of installing your fascias we find that your existing rafters show signs of fungus, wood rot or other weather damage, we’ll repair them as necessary with your instruction.

Subject to the condition of your exisiting timber we can offer a quotation for two options.  Option one for Cladding your exisiting timber and Option two for removal of old timber and installtion of new external marine plywood covered in PVCu for a secure gutter fixing. We put marine plywood back as it is good practice ton ensure the guttering has a secure fixing for when we receive heavy now falls and also to help retain the kick up of the last row of tiles on your roof as tile manufacturers recommend. 

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I was delighted to see a picture of my conservatory on LF Replacement Windows website.  I think the picture speaks for itself of their professionalism and expertise.  The conservatory was designed by Kevin to blend in beautifully with my home.  As a more mature person it is always a worry as to whom you are having working in your home, but from the very first day I knew I had made the right decision in choosing LF.  I was so impressed with their work ethic and genuine helpfulness.  My conservatory has been greatly admired and I know friends have now also used LF and been equally impressed. 

Many months later I had one small leak which LF responded to and resolved the next day – that is the standard of care so often missing these days.

Would I recommend LF?  Yes, I most certainly would.

And, just in case you are wondering – my conservatory has the three white chairs stacked on the left!! Gorgeous isn’t it…………..

Mrs Foley, Swindon

August 2011

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