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Is British Gas’ Free Weekend Electricity Deal As Good As It Looks?

Jul 08 2016

One of the best ways to cut down on your energy costs is by installing good-quality secondary glazing in Bristol. But you might also be interested in British Gas’ latest FreeTime tariff, offering free electricity to customers over the weekend.

However, before households sign up to the new offer, it is worth looking closely at the details to see whether it will really save money.

For instance, it offers a limited period of free electricity between 0900 and 1700 on either Saturday or Sunday. Therefore, it does not include the entire weekend like customers may initially think. 

At other times, the standard unit rate applies (depending on the tariff chosen) so households are charged for the electricity they use, calculated by using one of British Gas’ smart meters.

That is why some energy experts have concluded the deal may not be as good as it appears, as customers could be paying more for their energy for six days than people on other supplier’s tariffs are for the entire week. 

Spokesperson for Gocompare.com Energy Ben Wilson is one such critic, advising homeowners to “check the daily charges and unit charges, as there’s little point in having free electricity for eight hours a week if it will cost more than other tariffs available to you when you do pay for the electricity you use”. 

He suggested calculating how much you would spend on other tariffs compared with the British Gas deal and seeing which ends up being cheaper.

Mr Wilson also noted the top ten dual fuel tariffs that are currently on the market do not include any of the ‘big six’ suppliers such as British Gas. 

Furthermore, Gocompare.com estimates half of those who change their energy supplier save at least £292 on their annual energy bills, suggesting it is worth looking around carefully for the best offer.


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